Risks of DIY Commercial Carpet Cleaning

New carpet is a rather large investment that you can make in your business. When investing in new carpeting, business owners will most likely make a purchase that is backed by a manufacturer’s warranty. With businesses having consistent foot traffic from employees, clients, and guests, having a manufacturer’s warranty allows business owners to rest assured in knowing that they are covered if any damages happen to their costly but necessary investment.

However, what many business owners don’t know is that a manufacturer’s warranty means nothing if the carpet is not properly cleaned, or if proper maintenance procedures are not followed. Businesses have enough expenses, and a common expense business owners tend to overlook is hiring a professional commercial cleaning service to clean the carpeting. Instead, some business owners believe that they can save money by renting carpet cleaning equipment from a local store and doing the cleaning themselves. However, performing a ‘Do-It-Yourself’ carpet cleaning can end up costing you in the long run.

Carpet Warranties

When it comes to carpeting warranties, many manufacturers have strict requirements and guidelines related to cleaning and maintenance. Failing to adhere to the specific instructions can cause your warranty to be voided. Some manufacturers will have specific requirements that require carpeting cleaning and care guidelines set by the IICRC, or the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification. Generally, hiring a company with IICRC certified technicians will qualify under the guidelines as proper carpet cleaning and care, but some warranties will actually require a professional carpet cleaning service, as well as documentation proving the service. Renting carpet cleaning equipment and cleaning the carpet yourself will not qualify as proper care, therefore, voiding the warranty. In addition, DIY commercial carpet cleaning can increase the risk of costly damages that are not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

Risks of DIY Commercial Carpet Cleaning

To begin, many business owners don’t have the proper training and experience that IICRC-trained professionals possess. And, while rental carpet cleaning equipment may seem like an affordable and ‘good-enough’ solution to filthy carpeting, it does not compare to the professional, state-of-the-art equipment and cleaning methods that professional cleaning services use, and it goes outside the guidelines of sticking to IICRC standards. The common rental carpet cleaning equipment found in stores doesn’t have the necessary power to properly rinse and extract the shampoo, or whatever cleaning solution is being used, in the carpet. Plus, store-bought cleaning solutions and spot treatments only remove the stain on the surface of the carpet and will leave behind a residue that will only attract more dirt and cause more stains. Not to mention that store-bought solutions are also more harmful. If you hire a commercial cleaning service that is eco-friendly, you can rest assured that your business environment will be safe and free of harmful chemicals. Check out some common risks associated with your carpeting when it comes to DIY commercial carpet cleaning.


Unsatisfying Results. If you rent carpet cleaning equipment from a store, you’re most likely using equipment that doesn’t have the required power to effectively clean your carpet. You may find that, after spending valuable time, money, and effort on cleaning the carpet yourself, you are unsatisfied with the end result. Plus, along with the disappointing result, you’re setting up your carpeting for damage.

Delaminated Carpeting. Delamination in carpets is caused by over-wetting, or excessive moisture within, the carpet caused by the use DIY cleaning methods and rental carpet cleaning equipment. Because professionals have the proper training, equipment, and cleaning methods, hiring a carpet cleaning service eliminates the risk of delamination.

Carpet Shrinkage. Carpeting exposed to excessive moisture is likely to shrink and pull away from the wall. Shrinkage can leave your carpeting with embarrassing bare patches throughout your office. Professional cleaning services will ensure all the moisture is lifted from the carpet during the cleaning process, which not only makes carpeting look nicer but last longer, too.

Mold.  When it comes to damp carpeting, the last thing you want is the formation of mold. Mold not only causes serious damage to your carpeting, but also poses as a real health hazard. Why pay for mold remediation services when you can avoid it by having your carpet cleaned by commercial cleaning service?

Resoiling. As we mentioned before, store-bought cleaning solutions and rental equipment will leave behind a residue. This will lead to more moisture, over-wetting the carpet. The residue will also attract dirt and other debris, causing more stains. You can not only eliminate stains, but prevent them too, by hiring a professional carpet cleaning service.

Smelly Carpet. The last thing you want as a business owner is to have smelly carpet, which causes your entire office to stink! Not using equipment that is powerful enough to deeply clean your carpet and soak up the moisture will eventually cause your carpet to smell. And, no client is going to want to do business in an office that smells.

Hire A Professional Carpet Cleaning Service

If you follow our blog, you already know that hiring a professional carpet cleaning service will improve the look and health of an office. And now, you know that hiring a professional will keep your carpetings manufacturers warranty active. When you need professional commercial carpet cleaning in Miami, you can count on Classic Commercial Services to effectively clean your business’s carpeting while operating within the guidelines set by your carpet’s warranty. Not only are our technicians IICRC- certified, we are green initiative company. Our eco-friendly products, state-of-the-art equipment, and experienced professionals will ensure that your business’s carpet cleaning needs are met. To schedule a commercial carpet cleaning, receive a free estimate, or receive more information, contact the experts at Classic Commercial Services!