Improve the Look and Health of Your Office

Many offices and commercial buildings either have carpeting or large area rugs that contribute to the overall appearance of the work environment. Having dirty and disgusting carpeting almost always gives a negative impression of an organization or business to employees and clients or customers. However, there are many companies and organizations that do not see carpet cleaning as a high priority for their daily operations, or they simply don’t have the professional equipment required to do the job right. What some businesses may not know, though, is that there are a lot of benefits to commercial carpet cleaning. From office appearance to health benefits for employees and customers, commercial carpet cleaning is not something that should be overlooked! Let’s begin by first going over which types of office and business environments where commercial carpet cleaning is most important.

Different Office Environments

It’s valuable to understand how the carpeting in different office environments can become filthy and gross. A lot of businesses, especially business offices, host clients or customers occasionally or on a daily basis. Even if your office doesn’t have much incoming customer traffic, employees can bring in dirt, germs, and other bacteria. In addition, foot traffic will eventually cause wear. Having an office that is attached or near a manufacturing area increases the risk of having metals shavings, oil, and other chemical residues deposited in the building’s carpeting. Depending on what industry your business or organization is in, determines the cleanliness and quality of the carpeting within the building.

Vacuuming Isn’t a Reliable Solution

Most businesses, especially corporate or larger businesses, hire a service to clean a few times a week to keep things tidy. While this is a great way to help keep the office environment clean, it will not solve the problem of filthy carpeting. Although vacuums can pick up dirt, dust, and other small materials, they do not effectively clean the areas they are being used on. Whatever a vacuum cleaner doesn’t pick up will continue to set deeper into the carpeting. Avoiding carpet cleaning will cause spills to become stains, and caustic particles will eventually cause noticeable wear. It is recommended that carpets should be cleaned by a professional commercial carpet cleaning service at least once a year. A professional deep carpet cleaning will help employees and customers recognize that business owner’s care and help your business look great! 

Health Concerns

Just as vacuuming misses different particles, debris, and residues, it also doesn’t eliminate bacteria and germs from your carpet.  Without annual cleanings, bacteria can thrive in filthy carpeting. Filthy carpeting is also a great place for viruses to live. Not having your carpets in your business cleaned professionally can lead to illnesses in employees, guests, and customers or clients. Take a look at three common ways that filthy carpeting can impact people’s health:

  • Respiratory Issues – Dirty carpeting can lead to the formation of mold, and attract different bacterias and allergens. When these bacterias and allergens are inhaled or breathed in, it can potentially lead to different flu-like symptoms and respiratory problems. Having bacteria in your carpet can attract dust mites, which can influence nose and eye irritations throughout the office. Lastly, the bacteria and toxins that are found in dirty carpets have been known to trigger asthma attacks on those who experience negative reactions when exposed to certain environmental triggers.
  • Skin Problems – Believe it or not, exposing bare skin to dirt carpet can cause skin problems, such as skin asthma and athlete’s foot. As we mentioned, dirty carpet is filled with bacteria and fungi, which can cause different reactions when exposed to bare skin. In addition, the dirt and dust that is trapped deep in the carpets can trigger skin asthmas attacks.
  • Weakened Immune System – When employees or customers are exposed to dirty carpeting in a business, they can end up being exposed to harmful bacteria that can cause the immune system to work hard, which can cause them to be more susceptible to diseases. Dangerous microbes, like Mycotoxins, can grow quickly in dirty carpeting. Mycotoxins are made of various mold types and can weaken the immune system and cause different health issues, like allergies, respiratory problems, and stomach infections.

Having your businesses carpeting cleaned professionally may keep your workforce ratio from dropping, as you are removing bacteria, fungi, and other viruses that employees would otherwise be exposed to. Also, hiring a professional service will remove odors and allergens that are built up in the carpet, improving air quality and the overall office environment.

Professional Commercial Carpet Cleaning

If your Miami or South Florida business is due for a carpet clean, don’t wait! Call the commercial carpet cleaning experts at Classic Commercial! Our team of commercial cleaning professionals has the experience and professional equipment needed to effectively clean your carpeting. Don’t let the appearance and health of your building get in the way of doing business, call Classic Commercial today!