Commercial PTAC Cleaning


Energy Savings = $$$

Did you know that cleaning your PTAC units on a regular basis can save up to 25% in Energy Savings to operate. A recent case study at a leading hotel brand showed that after the FreshAir™ Coil Cleaning Process by CCS, the PTAC units resulted in 10-25% more efficiency resulting in an average yearly savings of $50-$100 per a year. If you have a 150 room property this will result in savings from $7,500-$15,000 per a year!


Clean, FreshAir for your Guests

There is nothing worse than a guest checking into a room and the room smells like mildew, smoke, or other odors. When guests perceive a bad smell then think the room is dirty. The room may be perfectly clean but if the PTAC air smells, the guest perceives the room as being dirty. Don’t let this happen to you. The CCS FreshAir™ Coil Cleaning System eliminates any types of odors by placing an antimicrobial treatment to not cover up but eliminate all odors.


Better Temperature Control

A cleaner PTAC Unit will operate more effectively resulting in better room temperature control for your guests. If the PTAC Unit is dirty, the compressors will have a very difficult time maintaining the set temperature. The result, an unhappy guest!

Unit Longevity

A well maintained PTAC unit can last anywhere from 7-10 years! If not maintained properly, they can last as little as 2 years.


Control Bacteria

PTAC units utilize 100% of the outside air in order to operate. While using this outside air, this bring in all kinds of contaminants into your facility including pollen, pollution, bugs, dust, etc. This is why regular maintenance is key.

Return on Investment

FreshAir PTAC Cleaning Services will show you a huge return on your investment in energy savings alone. While performing our detailed cleaning services we can also make any repairs we see while cleaning the units.


Avoid Exterior Damage

FreshAir PTAC Cleaning Services will help prevent exterior damage to your property. When your unit drain lines are clogged and full of debris, this will cause damage to the exterior of the building resulting in water staining and even rotting of wood trim/molding.


Our FreshAir PTAC Cleaning Services can be combined with all of your regular maintenance services and bill you a simple monthly payment.

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Our Preventative Approach

Step 1: We access all flooring and textiles of your facility.

Step 2: Determine initial care and recommended cleaning frequency.

Step 3: Relax. Your facility will be maintained like clockwork. No babysitting required.

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