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Dirty Stone flooring at your business?

Classic Commercial Services offers natural stone & tile care services that are highly innovative solutions to protect and preserve stone against the damaging effects of everyday use. Our complete line of services will protect, clean, and transform stone surfaces. We use the highest quality products and techniques available to help ensure the beauty of natural stone, tile counter-tops, floors, tile or stone walls, and other installations. Our highly trained technicians will evaluate your needs to determine the proper maintenance methods required. Call for a free estimate.



An incorrect assumption of natural stone is that it is “stain-proof,” however all stone is porous to some degree. If not properly treated with a protective sealer, water, oils, or other liquids can easily penetrate the stone, leaving behind unwanted stains. The good news is that once treated with a protective sealer, natural stone is ready for carefree, everyday use.



After your natural stone has been properly sealed, it will be protected from everyday spills. Rather than being absorbed into the stone, they will bead up on the surface. When cleaning natural stone and tile, it is equally important to use proper cleaning methods specially designed for stone. Most general purpose cleaners, acidic and alkaline solutions, abrasives, ammonia, or bleach can break down the sealers and damage stone surfaces.



Beyond protecting and cleaning natural stone, sometimes you want to transform the surface to achieve a particular, desired look. If your polished stone is already in great condition, get a brilliant shine with a special treatment. If your stone requires restoration work, we have the professional training and solutions to bring your stone back to life. How your natural stone and tile floors look creates an impression on guests and to have them looking their best, call Classic Commercial Cleaners.

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Our Preventative Approach

Step 1: We access all flooring and textiles of your facility.

Step 2: Determine initial care and recommended cleaning frequency.

Step 3: Relax. Your facility will be maintained like clockwork. No babysitting required.

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