Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning


What is Ultrasonic Blind
Cleaning Technology?

Ultrasonic cleaning technology is high frequency sound waves creating a phenomenon in a fluid called cavitation action. Cavitation, the superheated bursting of bubbles in a fluid, are what make ultrasonic cleaning work.


Ultrasonic Cleans & Sanitizes
Every Nook and Cranny

When the item being cleaned is submerged in the ultrasonic tank’s fluid, the millions of jets created by ultrasonic energy are capable of reaching into fine depressions and intricate details. Every surface area is exposed to the ultrasonic cleaning action; cracks, crevices and hard to reach corners of every nook and cranny gets cleaned & sanitized by the ultrasonic action.


Classic Commercial
Services Process

Our thorough blind cleaning process begins with the attention of full turn-key service from our highly trained technicians that will handle your blinds with the utmost care. Each blind will be meticulously inspected,removed from the window, numbered, and wrapped before transporting to our cleaning facility. Next, each blind will be hand cleaned, and submerged in our commercial ultrasonic tanks, rinsed, and hand dried.

Before & After photos


Our Preventative Approach

Step 1: We access all flooring and textiles of your facility.

Step 2: Determine initial care and recommended cleaning frequency.

Step 3: Relax. Your facility will be maintained like clockwork. No babysitting required.

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