Anti-Slip Floor Protection


What is Anti-Slip Floor Protection?

Slip related injuries represent a very high percentage of workplace and home accidents. In fact, slip / falls are also the number one cause of injury in hotels, restaurants, public buildings. For your guests or employees, these accidents can cause painful medical problems, long-term disabilities and lost productivity. For companies, it can mean extensive financial losses, legal entanglements, and insurance difficulties.


CCS uses advanced highly
developed anti-slip solutions
for a complete range of floor
safety products.

In order to make floors safe, it is important to apply the appropriate anti-slip product on the correct surface, with the proper surface preparation and then to maintain the surface appropriately. The nature of the traffic and the nature of the floor surface are to be considered.


CCS Anti-Slip Floor

Our anti-slip treatments are designed for situations ranging from industrial applications to commercial applications where aesthetics are as important as safety. These treatments are in use in dozens of market segments, including hospitality, restaurants, industrial, healthcare, marine and yachting, public transit, recreational vehicle safety, transportation, military, schools, universities, municipalities, aircraft, theatre, financial, mining, stadium and sporting facilities and residential.

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Our Preventative Approach

Step 1: We access all flooring and textiles of your facility.

Step 2: Determine initial care and recommended cleaning frequency.

Step 3: Relax. Your facility will be maintained like clockwork. No babysitting required.

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