Benefits Of Hiring A Professional Hotel Cleaner

Customer standards for the hospitality industry are set extremely high. It doesn’t matter if it’s a hotel, resort, motel, or another hospitality building, if it is dirty, potential customers will quickly turn away. Plus, having a filthy and unsanitary hospitality business increases the chances of receiving negative reviews, and a bad review can really put a halt to the number of bookings and reservations a business receives. Whether you are an owner of a hospitality business or a general manager, the cleanliness of the property is in your hands, and it is your responsibility to meet and go above and beyond the cleanliness standards around the clock. Even with a hard-working housekeeping staff — like in a hotel for example — everything that should be cleaned won’t always be reached, if ever. And, to keep a hospitality business running efficiently and keep guests happy, you cannot afford to ask other staff to contribute to keeping the hotel’s cleanliness up to client standards.

As an owner or a manager of a hospitality business, it may be a challenge to bridge the gap separating housekeeping’s responsibilities and duties and the heavy, deep cleaning that keeps your business in line with the set standards and expectations. The best way to ensure that a business is completely cleaned and sanitized is by hiring a professional commercial cleaning company that specializes in hospitality cleaning, like hotel cleaning services. These professional services go above and beyond what housekeeping can offer. With professional experience, equipment, and cleaning methods, a commercial cleaning company is able to effectively clean a hospitality business. Many hotels are already opting to hire a commercial cleaner, as it essential to maintaining a hotel’s cleanliness.

Why professional hotel cleaning is important

Having a clean hospitality business is one of the most important factors in gaining customer loyalty. Customers tend to be attracted to properties that are clean. They’ll look at pictures of the lobby, rooms, pool area, hallways, basically whatever the internet provides a picture of. Online reviews will also have a big influence on their decision. Every once in a while, there are negative experiences with a hotel or resort’s cleanliness, but hospitality businesses can silence all related concerns by hiring a commercial cleaning company. In addition, each hospitality business varies in the services, experiences, and amenities offered, which is where tailored cleaning procedures are thrown into the mix. Properties that allow smoking or pets may require more frequent cleaning from a professional hospitality cleaner. Event rooms, complimentary breakfast areas, and fitness centers are all rooms that will also require frequent scheduled cleaning, as these high-traffic areas become filthier and more unsanitary than most other areas. By hiring a professional cleaner, hospitality businesses can ensure customer satisfaction due to the cleanliness of each visit. A professional cleaning service can help hotels, motels, resorts, and other hospitality businesses by ensuring:

  • Customer satisfaction with all inside areas of a property, from lobbies to fitness centers
  • Repeated business based on positive customer experiences
  • An inviting, clean environment for both guests and staff
  • Positive online reviews on multiple sites and social platforms
  • Reliably clean facilities that appeal to corporate and convention guests.

Exceeding housekeeping responsibilities

In the hospitality business, there may not be a more demanding job than housekeeping. Housekeeping is responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of the rooms and other essential areas of the property. And, in order to fully clean and sanitize a hospitality business, professional knowledge, specialized products, heavy equipment, and industry-set procedures are required. A good commercial cleaning company will handle the intensified cleaning required by offering services similar to these:

Commercial Carpet Cleaning. There are plenty of benefits of commercial carpet cleaning. In hospitality businesses, there are many high-traffic areas, including the lobby, guest rooms, event centers, and complimentary dining areas. These are the areas that take on the brunt of dirt and other types of debris. Commercial carpet cleaning will ensure these areas are cleaned and sanitized in a timely manner.

Floor Stripping and Waxing. For businesses that have vinyl composite, concrete, or terrazzo flooring, a waxing and stripping service will ensure longer durability and a brighter floor shine. Having a commercial cleaning service that specializes in floor stripping and waxing will help to ensure the floor’s moisture amount is reduced and that they are protected from marks, dents, scratches, and stains.

Drapery Cleaning. While they may not be the best thing about a room, a guest will definitely notice, and be disgusted by, dirty drapes or curtains. A professional hotel cleaner can help make a property’s drapes appear and smell as if they were brand new. An experienced commercial cleaner will be able to efficiently clean drapes without removing them, making it a quick, but effective job. If, by chance, the drapes or curtains are too soiled to clean on site, some services may provide facility cleaning services.

Upholstery Cleaning. No guest will want to stay at a hotel that has filthy and soiled lobby furniture. A commercial cleaning service can handle just about any upholstery cleaning job and is able to do so in a timely manner. Using steam extraction and dry cleaning methods, cleaning professionals can effectively clean even the most high-end fabrics, making them appear and smell new.

Non-smoking Conversion. Today, non-smoking businesses are becoming more and more common. Even with rooms specifically for smoking guests, there really is nothing in the way of others ignoring the rules in smoking in non-smoking environments. Smoking causes odor molecules to seep into surfaces, like carpet, drapery, walls, furniture, and even HVAC systems. A professional cleaning company that specializes in non-smoking conversions will be able to permanently eliminate all smoking odors from a room or area by incorporating a very careful and thorough process.

Additional benefits for hospitality businesses

Regardless of the type, style, or size of your hospitality business, it is vital to understand the importance of cleanliness in the hospitality industry. Working with a professional cleaning company will help businesses meet even the highest guest expectations and enjoy additional benefits, including:

  • A team of professional cleaners to support in-house staff with cleanup
  • Significant savings from not having to invest in professional cleaning equipment
  • The peace of mind that all the cleaning is done by highly trained and certified technicians

Need a professional hotel cleaning service in Atlanta?

As you can see, there are plenty of benefits that come with bringing in a hotel cleaning service. For hospitality businesses in need of commercial cleaning, it is important to find a commercial cleaning company that specializes in servicing the hospitality industry. And, there’s not a better commercial cleaning company in Atlanta than Classic Commercial Services! At Classic Commercial Services, we specialize in all of the cleaning services above that are essential to hospitality businesses. To request a free quote for your hospitality business, contact Classic Commercial Services today!