The Dirtiest Areas In An Office

Most businesses try to ensure that their offices are well kept. Businesses and offices work to make their workspace look inviting and, they may even bring a commercial cleaning service to help improve the health and look of the office area. While professional carpet cleaning and other commercial cleaning services will make the business appear cleaner, there are likely to be some areas that are often overlooked. The truth is, throughout the office, there are many common areas that most people wouldn’t notice are dirty. There are many areas and objects throughout a business that is filled with germs. And with the cold and flu going around, it is essential to employee health to keep those germs from spreading. It is important to be aware of these overlooked areas and ensure that they are thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis. This will not only keep the employees healthy but will minimize the number of sick days that are used. As a business owner, ensure that your business or office is the cleanest and a healthy environment by hiring a reliable commercial cleaning service and cleaning these common dirty areas around an office.

Office Kitchen

Most businesses today have a kitchen for their employees to use. From coffee, heating up your lunch, and accessing the fridge, there are many reasons why employees use this popular area. Just like the kitchens in our homes, workplace kitchens are one of the most used areas by employees. Unfortunately, the cleanliness characteristics are generally the same. Did you know that— apart from the toilet — the office kitchen sink usually has more germs and bacteria than anywhere else in the office? With the employees using the office kitchen to handle their food and drinks, it is crucial to keep the area as clean as possible. Things like the sink, countertops, coffee pot handles, utensil drawers, and cabinets are all usually infested with germs and bacteria, making it important to give them special attention while cleaning.


Of course, the bathroom is on the list of the filthiest areas in an office or business. Did you know that when flushing a toilet with the lid open can allow germs to spread in the surrounding area? That means everything — the toilet, the walls, the toilet paper, and the stall itself — is likely infested with germs. Not to mention that bacteria like E Coli, salmonella, hepatitis A, and other bacteria can be picked up in public restrooms, like the one a business has. Let’s put it this way, when it comes to bathrooms in the workplace the toilet seat is likely cleaner than the other objects you come in contact with. While most businesses just focus on cleaning the toilet and sink clean, other things — like soap dispensers, hand dryers, stall locks, and faucet handles — should be cleaned as well. Some commercial cleaning companies even offer bathroom cleaning services to ensure that the disgusting areas a thoroughly cleaned.


Lobbies are one of the areas that commercial cleaning companies focus on most. Office lobbies are one of the highest traffic areas within an office. They are more susceptible to bacteria, viruses, and germs, too. The chairs, couches, reception area, coffee tables, and even reading material is likely covered with germs. Visitors, clients, and employees can easily carry germs into the area and contaminate all the fixtures and objects nearby. To reduce the number of germs spreading throughout the lobby area, keep a bottle of hand sanitizer for guests and employees to use while passing through.


While they may not be as dirty as the office kitchen and bathroom, employee desks are still one of the dirtiest areas you can find in the workplace. We don’t consider desks dirty by the amount of clutter on top of them but rather the number of bacteria that is thriving in the area. Think about it, most employees are at their desks most of the day. Briefly going into the company kitchen or bathroom can transfer the germs in that area back to your own personal space. Germs can be found all over your phone, chair, mouse, and keyboard, making your desk a breeding ground for bacteria. The best way for employees to keep their desk free of germs and bacteria is to constantly disinfect the area. This is especially important during the cold and flu season.


Maybe your office is on the fifth floor of the building and you frequently take the elevator. Although the space in elevators is small it is often swarming with bacteria. As you may have guessed, the buttons in an elevator contain the most germs. Just think about how many fingers are touching those buttons throughout the day. People can quickly transfer germs, bacteria, and viruses to the buttons just by one simple touch. If your business has an elevator, the button panel should be disinfected constantly. If there is a lobby elevator that employees take, encourage them to use objects, like a pen, to press the buttons and immediately wash their hands so that they aren’t tracking more germs into your business.

While there is no real way to entirely eliminate the germs, bacteria, and viruses from an office environment, there are many ways to keep areas clean so that health risks are reduced to a minimum. By ensuring that the commonly filthy areas throughout your office are cleaned on a regular basis and by hiring a professional cleaning service to clean the carpet, upholstery, and other areas throughout an office will help make a cleaner and healthier work environment for employees and customers.
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