What Could Go Wrong?

When you are the facility manager of a large hospitality industry hotel, resort, or convention center, keeping an eye on the bottom line is a huge part of your job. It is your responsibility to make sure that money is not unwisely spent, to trim any fat, and to cut costs where you can in order to maximize your company’s profits. What you don’t want to do is take an action to save money and have that blow up in your face and end up costing you money, and your reputation. When you need your floors cleaned, the smart move is to call Classic Commercial Services. We clean carpets of all materials, natural stone, tile and grout, as well as providing other cleaning services.

Don’t Cut Corners on Floor Cleaning

Floor cleaning is one such area where you can end up spending more money than you wanted to, because you try to cut corners by hiring a subpar cleaning company or think your own staff can handle the job. When it comes to having your floors cleaned, you shouldn’t cut corners, but instead hire experienced professionals. Carpets that look clean and smell clean are essential for customer satisfaction and this is no time to cut corners. “What could go wrong?” you might ask yourself. To learn of costly mistakes that can happen by trying to cut corners, keep reading!

Marble Cleaning Gone Wrong!

  • When you have marble or other natural stone that needs cleaning, it is imperative to use the right products and the proper techniques or you could ruin your gorgeous, expensive stone floors, counters, or walls. If you use an acidic cleaning product on any stone, including marble, you can ruin it. Natural stone is a porous material and cleaning products that are not strictly neutral, can etch into the stone, ruining the finish and leaving behind unsightly marks on the surface.
  • The professionally trained staff at Classic Commercial Services has been trained and certified by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). In the process of becoming certified, all staff has learned about materials as well as about cleaning products so that they know just the right cleaner to sue on every material to get the cleanest clean and to not damage the material.

Carpet Cleaning Wost Case Scenario

  • When a guest spills a glass of red wine on the carpet of a room in your hotel, you may think that your regular cleaning staff can handle it. How hard could it be? Surely, it’s nothing a little seltzer water and a dry towel can’t clean up in a jiff? Right? Wrong! Until you know know the carpet is made of and how deep the stain went you can’t choose the right cleaning method or cleaning solution. For instance, let’s say you use a cleaner that has an acid Ph, this could end up effectively bleaching the carpet so while you might be rid of the red stain, you now have a bleached-out spot instead.
  • Or say the wine soaked down into the carpet pad. You are confident that you have banished the stain and so book the room. By the time the customer checks in and heads up to their room, the dry carpet on top has wicked the wine in the pad up to the surface and the wine stain appears to never have been treated. It is a much better long-term solution to have the professionals at Classic Commercial Services come and use their state-of-the-art cleaning tools and certified training to get rid of the stain correctly, the first time. It may cost more than a bottle of seltzer but will bring your room back online and avoid any interruption in your revenue stream.
  • Another, very common issue that comes up with carpet cleaning, when done incorrectly, is that is is over-saturated and not properly dried. When this happens, the carpet can rapidly develop a mold problem. When that happens, your quick solution can turn into a disaster that shuts down the area until it can be remedied. To avoid situations such as this, it is much better to call Classic Commercial Services to have your carpet cleaned by the people who use the most powerful machine on the market with the greatest suction power.

Avoid disaster and call Classic Commercial Services for all your floor cleaning needs, and have them done right the first time.

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