Atlanta – Try Dry Encapulating and Be Amazed!

In our last blog, we looked at Green Steam Clean™ Carpet Cleaning and how this truck-mounted carpet cleaning machine works its magic on deeply dirty carpets in commercial locations all over the Atlanta metro area.  But we have more tricks on our bag! Dry Encapsulation is an amazing innovation in commercial carpet cleaning, and since Classic Commercial Services is always open to new and better ways to keep your carpets clean, we jumped on the chance to take advantage of it. This method of carpet cleaning is revolutionary and is perfect for interim carpet cleaning. We service many of Atlanta’s top hospitality facilities with great results. Call us today to set up commercial carpet cleaning services for your facility!

What is the Dry Encapsulation Process?

  • The first thing that will be done is a thorough vacuuming to remove any loose dirt from the carpet. What is left will be dirt and grime that is bound to the fibers of the carpet and particles that are trapped deep in the carpet.
  • Secondly, an emulsifier pre-treatment will be sprayed onto the carpet. These detergents will break the chemical bonds that hold greasy stains and work remarkably quickly. They need only about a maximum of 15 minutes in the carpet to work their magic. The pretreatment works really well with the help of simple agitation. The dry encapsulation pre-treatment will be brushed or scrubbed with a machine into the carpet.
  • The third and easiest step is vacuuming and can be done by Classic Commercial Services or by the hotel or restaurants regular maintenance staff. The crystals that have encapsulated the dirt are simply removed by the vacuum.

Dual Action Dry Encapsulation Keeps Carpets Clean

  • The dry encapsulation treatment consists of a dual action polymer.
  • The first action is to encapsulate the dirt in the carpet into isolated crystals so that it can be vacuumed away.
  • The second part of this dual action is that the polymer coats, or encapsulates, the fibers of the carpet, which slows down the rate at which new dirt takes hold.

These two actions get the carpet clean and help to keep it clean. This means that less expensive maintenance vacuumming can do a lot of the heavy lifting of carpet cleaning maintenance. Interim carpet cleaning can be done less frequently, and restorative cleaning much less frequently. It’s the carpet cleaning that gets carpets clean and keeps them clean. This mean your facility will maintain a high level of clean, fresh carpets while also saving money!

Extra Benefits of Dry Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning

  • Dry Encapsulation Carpet cleaning is great for commercial venues, such as hotels, restaurants, and convention halls, because it is what is known as very low moisture cleaning, or VLM. This means that the area dries exceedingly fast and can be returned to service quickly without a significant disruption of use and thus revenue.
  • Another characteristic of Dry Encapsulation carpet cleaning is that the agitation machines that are used to perform it are very quiet so it can even be done in the presence of guests and customers with very little disturbance. The removal of the encapsulation product can be done later during the next routine vacuuming.

Call us today to see how Dry Encapsulation carpet cleaning can get your carpets cleaner and keep them clean.

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