Three Ways to Improve the Look of Your Business

If you’re a business owner and you have an office or a brick and mortar store, it’s important that you consider the look and feel of your place of business. If you have customers and clients who you interact with at your work, you’ll want to have a presentable space to do business with them. Here at Classic Commercial Services, we are in the business of commercial cleaning services, and we want to help you improve the look of your place of business. Whether you need to schedule commercial carpet cleanings, tile and grout cleanings, or upholstery cleanings, we can provide you with the cleaning services for your commercial building that you need. Today, we’d like to go over three ways that we have found that have a tremendous impact on improving the look and feel of offices and retail spaces.

The Top Three Ways to Improve Your Business Space

Have the Space Commercially Cleaned

One of the best things you can do for your office or retail space to improve its look and feel is to have the space commercially cleaned. When customers or clients come in to do business, cleanliness can have a large impact whether or not you’ll get repeat customers or even whether or not the sale will go through at all. If your carpets are dingy, have a bad smell, and look old, customers may wonder how much pride and care you really put into your work and products. If you’re trying to impress clients to land a big deal, first impressions, even of how your office looks, matter. You should schedule commercial carpet cleanings every six months for your place of business, especially if you have a high-traffic store.

Create a Welcoming Environment

Whether you own a retail store and have customers who come through to shop or an office where clients come to make business deals, you’ll want to create a welcoming environment. Having a place for people to sit while they’re waiting, whether it’s waiting for a meeting or waiting for someone to finish shopping, will make people feel like they can sit back and relax at your place of business. People enjoy when they can feel comfortable, no matter where they are. If you offer places to sit for customers and clients, make sure you’re scheduling regular upholstery cleanings to keep the chairs and couches free of bacteria and bad odors.

Add Color to the Walls

Color is another way to make people feel welcome in your place of business, as well as a way to add your own personal touch to the space. Most people don’t enjoy going into businesses that have white walls, fluorescent lights, and no personality. If you can, add color to the walls in the form of paint or with art. If you rent the space and have limits on what you can do to the walls, you can always hang art with velcro strips that easily come off.

The way your place of business looks and feels can have more of an impact when it comes to people’s perceptions and their desire to do business with you than you might think. To present your business in the best way possible, make sure to schedule the commercial cleanings that you need to make your office or store a place where people will want to be. Call Classic Commercial Services today to schedule your commercial carpet cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, or upholstery cleaning.