Three Tips for Customer Satisfaction

The hospitality industry is all about customer satisfaction. When you studied hospitality in college, you probably took classes with names, such as Hospitality Leadership and Ethics, Hospitality Information Technology, Golf Course Management, and, everyone’s favorite, Beers of the World. An academic degree can teach you many skills that are invaluable when working in the hospitality industry but you most likely also learned that the bottom line of running a successful hotel, resort, or golf course is customer service. Without happy customers, you won’t have customers for whom your chef needs to to cook, you won’t have income from full hotel rooms to balance, and you won’t have golfers to tee-up. Making guests happy doesn’t stop with making people feel comfortable; it ends with high occupancy rates for your hotel. In 2012, for example, there were 1.9 million hotel room vacancies at any time. Every one of those rooms represents money not being made, and they also mean competition in the industry is tough. Why should anyone stay at your hotel over another hotel. What makes a person choose one hotel over another? And what can you do to maximize the chances that your hotel is the one people choose?

We’ve put together some reminders of ways to keep your modern customers satisfied and hopefully increase your occupancy rates.

Leverage Social Media

  • Modern customers have a set of expectations that their predecessors may not have had. People expect world-class standards from every size of hotel, resort, or convention center. If they are not happy, they can use social media to tear your facility down in a public fashion that was not done before the advent of social media. It is important to stay on top of your facility’s social media pages and review site reviews.

Negative Review or Comment

  • Remember that negative comments are made more often than positive comments. People expect the best, and excellence often goes unnoticed, whereas negative experiences get people animated. Remember that it is the squeaky wheel that gets the grease.
  • When someone hashtags your hotel with a negative comment or worse, a photo of a problem, you need to jump on it and respond quickly. The way in which you respond decides which way the interaction will go from there. You should accept responsibility, and assure them that everything is being done to rectify the situation. Work with them to fix the problem if it is a current issue.
  • Let reviews guide you. If you read in reviews that you have a problem with X, take that seriously and follow up on it. Business travelers are experienced and know what they are seeing. Value their input and make the changes that reviews indicate are needed. When you have made the changes, advertise the fact that you have done so. People love to be part of the process, and they love responsivity. Interact with your guests and trust their judgement.

Pristine Accommodations

  • One area  where expectations have only gone up with time is the level of quality of the accommodations. People expect clean floors, beds, curtains, and upholstered furnishings. They expect bathrooms to be clean to the point of being sterile. They expect the restaurant and bar to be clean and stylish, offer quality food and drinks, and to be staffed by friendly, professional, and accommodating waiters and bartenders.
  • When you need the floors of your hospitality facility to be as clean as they can be, you may need to outsource this service. One excellent choice is Classic Commercial Clean. This cleaning company has been in business for over 40 years and has the expertise to handle any type of job and any size of job. They clean carpets, natural stone floors, and tile & grout. They also handle all upholstered goods, including chairs and couches, as well as drapes. They use state-of-the-art techniques, and since all their technicians are IICRC certified, you know they are trained on materials and which detergents to use on what stains.

Focus on the Intangibles

  • From the moment a hotel guest checks in to the moment they check out, there are innumerable opportunities for you and your staff to use the intangibles to improve their stay and, consequently, their customer satisfaction. Great customer service starts with the first smile a guest gets as they approach the check-in desk and extends to every interaction they have with staff that makes them feel welcomed and like a V.I.P. Every member of staff should treat every guest as if they were their boss. Remember that, in a very big way, they are indeed everyone’s boss. Baci manners of saying please and thank you are underrated and yet remain the keys to great customer service. Having a staff that goes the extra mile is how you make happy customers, and it’s important to remember to be appreciative to your staff too, because they will carry that forward.

We hope you have found these tips helpful and, when you find yourself in need of the best Commercial Floor Cleaning service around, that you’ll call Classic Commercial Services.

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