The Unseen Hand of Perfection

Customer experience is at the heart of the hospitality industry and cleanliness is something that makes people sit up and take notice. You want them to notice how clean your property is, not the one stain, spot, or missed room. With commercial carpet cleaning from Classic Commercial Services (CCS), you won’t have to worry about the floors, upholstery, or dealing with the nitty gritty of cleaning up emergencies. You can leave those duties to the capable, experienced hands at Classic Commercial Services.

Guest Expectations

Whether your guests are on vacation or on a business trip, or just out to dinner with their spouse, they want their hotel or dining experience to transport them to a state of perfection. They want things to be be clean without cleaning them, cooked to perfection without having to don an apron and the bed to be made as though Mary Poppins herself had popped in and tidied up magically. The unseen hand of perfection.

Fresh Floors

Guests like to walk into a room that seems like new construction, and the challenge for hospitality facility managers is to keep their hotel or restaurant feeling, looking, and smelling fresh. This is no small feat to pull off day after day, week after week, with a level consistency that requires expertise that can only come from training and experience and a commitment to attention to detail. We offer floor cleaning services for carpeted flooring, tile, natural stone, terrazzo, concrete and vinyl composite flooring (VCT).

Carpet Care Options

What type of carpet cleaning services are right for your facility depend on a number of factors that we will discuss with you in our initial evaluation. Factors that we will look at include the type of carpet, the amount and type of soiling, and normal traffic. We offer several kinds of carpet cleaning and we will decide which one is the most suitable for your carpet cleaning needs.

Green Steam Carpet Cleaning

When you have carpet that needs a deep shampooing, call on CCS for Green Steam Clean™ Carpet Cleaning. This choice of carpet cleaning method is perfect for the start of a regular maintenance schedule. This method uses a truck mounted cleaning machine that produces super hot water as well as strong suction. This cleaning machine produces water that can be up to 212 degrees. Water this hot, boiling point, helps to remove the deepest stains and dirt particles that have settled deep in the fibers of the carpet. Once the water, with it’s cleaning agent has been delivered deep into the carpets, the next step is to get the water, along with all the bits of dirt, out of the water. We know that you don’t have the luxury of days to get a room back into availability and this method will help you get the banquet hall, hallway or hotel room back into use quickly. This too is done with the help of this amazingly strong truck-mounted cleaning machine. The powerful engine creates suction that pulls the water and dirt out of the carpet, leaving it only slightly damp and able to be returned to service quickly.
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