South Florida – Taking Over a Hotel that Needs Work?

If you are the facility manager of a hotel that endeavors to uphold the standards of the big names in the hospitality industry, you need to utilize the cleaning services that utilize the same models the big names use, and that service is Classic Commercial Services. We know you want your hotel to stand up to the highest luxury standards, and to do this you have to make sure everything is perfect. And this is where CCS comes in. Our services are used by the big names and can bring that same level of excellence to your facility. There is not a lot you can do about the bones of your hotel, at least not in the short term, but you can expect perfection from your cleaning staff, especially when you hire Classic Commercial Services to perform your commercial floor cleaning, fabric care, and smoke or pet conversions.

Carpet Restoration and Cleaning

There may be a number of things you want just to rip out and replace when they’ve reached a certain level of dirty, but of course, this is the most expensive option. You’ll be surprised at the work CCS can do to clean and save carpeting,  drapes, upholstery and tile and grout. So before you go ripping out that old carpet, give us a try! We use two different methods of commercial carpet cleaning. After we assess the carpet, we can tell you which one will work best for your situation.

Green Steam Clean™ Carpet Cleaning

We use Green Steam Clean™ carpet cleaning which uses our powerful truck-mounted steam machine to raise the temperature of the water to the boiling point. The high temperatures loosen dirt and filth from a carpet like nothing else. The powerful machine also uses its might to suction out the water, leaving the carpet restored! A well-cleaned carpet can help the overall feel of the room and can help with clean air too.

Dry Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning

We also have a second tool in our carpet cleaning belt. That tool is Dry Encapsulation. The dry encapsulation medium is spread onto the carpet and agitated so that it goes deep into the fibers, and there it works its magic. This method leaves your carpet super clean and has the added

benefit of working to keep it clean, long after the initial treatment. A clean carpet smells good and is free of dirt and allergens and your guests will appreciate it!

Hard Floor Cleaning: Tile And Grout

If you are looking to restore older tile and grout that has been neglected, Classic Commercial Services can help! We can have your pool areas, bathrooms, and foyers so clean your guests will think they are walking into a new construction hotel! We have the tools and the experience to get your tile floors cleaner than they’ve been in years. We use a special power tool to power wash the tile and we’ll get the grout super clean.

Fabric Cleaning

We are experts at cleaning fabrics too! We do drapes, upholstery, and other fabrics, getting them cleaned up and smelling fresh. We can handle any fabric job, no matter how big or how small. Part of our service is to get your areas back online as quickly as possible. We work fast and will minimize the downtimes of the rooms in which we are working.
When a room has freshly cleaned carpets and the drapes and upholstered furniture are clean, your guests will feel like they are in the best hotel in the area! Call Classic Commercial Services and join the big names in using the best floor and fabric cleaning service in Miami.

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