Smoking Conversions/ Pet Conversions and Odor control

If your hospitality facility has previously welcomed smokers and dogs, you may think those rooms are lost causes and everything needs to be ripped out and replaced. But don‘t give up! Call Classic Commercial Services.  We are well known for our floor cleaning services including carpet and tile & grout, as well as our fabric services that include drapes and upholstery. But our services don’t stop there. We also offer smoking to non-smoking conversions and pet odor control services. To learn more about these services that can save you the cost of completely redoing these rooms, keep reading.

Say No to Smoking Rooms, Yes to Classic Commercial Services

Every facility manager of a hotel or resort knows that since the 2006 report from the U.S. Surgeon General entitled The Health of Involuntary Exposure to Tobacco Smoke, hospitality facilities, including hotels and resorts, have been moving to non-smoking rooms. When this trend first started , there were concerns that occupancy rates would be negatively affected, but this never materialized, and so it seems that even smokers don’t want smoking rooms. Everyone wants to stay in a room where they feel that no one else has stayed there. Everyone wants a hotel room that looks pristine, with a perfect bed, toilet paper that is folded just for them, and that smells fresh and clean. Classic Commercial Services can get rid of that stale nicotine smell. There is no longer a need to remove all the furniture!

What to Expect With Our Smoking to Non-Smoking Conversions

  • Our expert technicians will assess each area to decide which methods and solutions will be used to return the room a fresh state.
  • The rooms will be cleaned, sanitized, and deodorized.
  • The room will be cleaned of all smoke residue and will smell great.
  • Our efficient process guarantees minimal downtime, which allows you to start using the rooms again, maximizing the flow of your revenue stream from those rooms.

Pet Odor Control

Travelers love to be able to bring their pets with them, and this can be a lucrative niche market to tap into, but there are consequences. Hotels ask for pet deposits on rooms for a reason! When pets are in a new place they can get nervous and have accidents. In order to keep these pet rooms available to this corner of the market, you need to keep them fresh smelling, and in this herculean labor, Classic Commercial Services is your ally. The process we use to remove pet odors is included in our general odor control services. Our odor control process can also be used to treat other odors, such as those caused by smoke, sewage, and water damage. We have perfected our process and it can be altered to fit your facility’s specific needs. When you have stubborn odor-causing bacteria such as those caused by pets, urine, water, and sewage, be sure to call Classic Commercial Services. We will get your room(s) back online as quickly as possible. We are experts at working quickly and minimizing downtime.

When you need to convert your smoking rooms to non-smoking rooms or you need to have stubborn odors removed, and get the rooms generating revenue as quickly as possible, call Classic Commercial Service and set up our special services.

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