How to Prepare for Your Commercial Move

Are you preparing to move your business to a new commercial building?

If so, it’s important to know that the process is a little more complicated than moving into a new home. With a residential move, all you really have to worry about is you, your family and your movers, but when you are moving your entire business, you have all of your equipment, as well as your employees, to consider. That can be a large feat, but luckily, the experts at Classic Commercial Services are here to help. Here are a few steps you’ll want to take to prepare for your commercial move in Atlanta:

#1. Reduce or eliminate any clutter.

If your business has been in the same building for very long, chances are, you probably have some clutter to contend with. The more clutter you have in your commercial building, the longer and more work your move will take. That’s why the first step towards a successful commercial move is to get rid of, or at least minimize, any clutter that may have built up over time. Encourage your employees to take any unnecessary items home with them. It’s also a good idea to schedule a time during business hours when all of your employees can help to remove any extra items around the office.

#2. Make sure the building is clean and ready to go.

The more days you close your business for your move, the more money you’re missing out on. The last thing you want is to have to prolong the amount of time your business is closed, and that means that your new building needs to be ready to go on moving day. Hire a commercial cleaning company to clean every last detail of your new commercial building, from the carpets to the upholstery to the tile and grout.

#3. Complete any last-minute repairs or touch-ups.

As we stated above, you want to ensure that your new commercial building is ready to go on move-in day. Before you start moving in, do a walk-through of your building to identify any areas that need improvement. Be on the look-out for paint that is in need of touch-ups or broken door handles, holes in the wall, lights that are burnt out, etc. Make any necessary repairs or touch-ups prior to move-in day.

#4. Label every moving box.

With a residential move, your boxes are going to a few different rooms, and they probably only belong to the people in your family. With a commercial move, however, your are moving stuff that belongs to everyone within your company, and if you don’t want to waste your time trying to figure out the right places for boxes to go in your new building, you need to label them, and be as specific as possible when you label your boxes.

One of the most important pieces of your commercial move is to make sure that it is clean and ready to go, and that’s where Classic Commercial Services comes in. We offer upholstery cleaning, carpet cleaning, tile and grout cleaning and so much more. Get your free estimate today!