The Office Cleaning Experts You Need

As a business owner, when you have a business to run, there are many factors that go into ensuring that everything is running smoothly. Not only do you have to keep up with the daily work of running your actual business, but you also have to ensure that the work that is required to keep your office space in the condition that both your employees and your clients desire is being tended to. To maintain a professional and appealing look in your office space, you need to rely on the help of a professional cleaning company to ensure the highest level of cleanliness and satisfaction. At Classic Commercial Services, we offer commercial carpet cleaning in Atlanta, along with other commercial cleaning services that will enhance the look and feel of your office space. To learn about all of the commercial cleaning services that we offer and how they can improve your office space, keep reading.

Floor Care

Whether your office space has carpet, tile, or natural stone flooring, we can tend to the floors in your office space to ensure that they are clean, well polished, and safe for employees and clients to walk on. There are far too many work-related injuries that can happen due to slick floors, and here at Classic Commercial Services, we offer a highly developed, anti-slip solution that we can apply to your office floors to reduce the likelihood of accidents and injuries from occurring. The floors in your office space will not only look well-cared for, but they will also be safe for anyone to walk on without fear of falling.

Fabric Care

While floors are an integral part of any office space, so are the chairs, couches, and drapes used to make the space feel more comfortable. For offices that provide comfortable seating for employees and clients to use, it is important to keep the upholstery in good condition. The last thing that you’d want, as a business owner, is to turn off potential clients or employees with stains or bad smells that are caused by dirty fabrics in your office space. Classic Commercial Services can ensure that your office’s upholstery and drapes are clean and smell brand new. We even offer steam extraction and dry cleaning for high-end fabrics.

Window Blinds Care

Most office spaces utilize blinds to prevent sun-glare and to ensure privacy, however, blinds are one of the items in an office that can begin to collect dust faster than anything else. The blind cleaning service that we offer here at Classic Commercial uses Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning Technology to guarantee that every inch of your office’s blinds will be cleaned and made to be like new. To guarantee our service, our trained Ultrasonic technicians will remove the blinds from the windows and transport them back to our facility, where they will be submerged in our commercial ultrasonic tanks and then rinsed and hand-dried. When you receive the cleaned blinds, you won’t believe that we didn’t replace the old blinds with ones that are brand new.

Stain Protection

In an office space that is used by many different people, there are bound to be spills of either food or beverage that take place. One way to protect your office space is by having Classic Commercial Services come and treat your floors and fabrics with our stain repellent that can protect against grease, dyes, food, mud, and other stains that could ruin the investment you’ve put into your office space.

Water Restoration

Classic Commercial Services also offers emergency, 24/7 services for water damage that has occurred at your place of business. If you happen to come into the office on the weekend and see that the water fountain has sprung a leak, or one of the sinks in the bathroom is leaking, we are available, anytime day or night, to help remove the water and any resulting stains from your office.

To keep your office space in the best possible condition, it’s important to clean the space in a way that will ensure that your floors, fabrics, and blinds are cared for in the most comprehensive way possible. For commercial carpet cleaning in Atlanta or for any of our other services, call Classic Commercial Services today.

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