Helpful Spring Cleaning Tips To Help Your Business Shine!

With the winter season finally over and the longer days and warm weather ahead, many home and business owners have already initiated their spring cleaning routines.

The beautiful spring weather presents us with the perfect opportunity to give attention to certain objects and areas that may have been idle or ignored during the colder months. For many businesses, offices, and other commercial facilities, the spring is one of the busiest seasons, and having a building or office space that is clean, tidy, and appealing is of the utmost importance.

Focus Areas For Commercial Spring Cleaning

Generally, most businesses already have a cleaning routine plan in place. However, after the winter season deeper, more effective cleans are needed. And for many businesses, finding the time to rejuvenate a commercial facility can be difficult. However, with the help of a commercial cleaning company, a business’s spring cleaning routine can be simpler and less time-consuming. To help businesses with their spring cleaning and enhance the appearance of their facility, we are going to share some key areas that should be included in the routine.


Commercial carpets often take a beating in the winter. Depending on the climate, snow, moisture, dirt, debris, and salt can easily be tracked in, settling deep into the carpet fibers. High foot traffic areas, especially, can cause carpeting to look dull, filthy, stained, and unappealing.

Carpeting can be tough to clean without the proper knowledge, equipment, and products. When it comes to soiled carpets, it is best to hire a commercial carpet cleaning company. Professional carpet cleaning will not only rejuvenate the appearance of commercial carpeting, helping them look like new, it will also help extend the life of the carpeting while improving the air quality.


Carpets are not the only thing that could use a deep cleaning; the floors are also likely not looking their best. As clients, employees, guests, and other foot traffic walk through the halls of a facility debris, moisture, salt, and sand may have been tracked in, all of which can make a floor look worn and filthy. The bad news is that cleaning these floors takes far beyond a mop and bucket of water, it requires special equipment, products, and knowledge. Whether a facility has vinyl composite flooring, concrete flooring, or terrazzo flooring, floor cleaning can be done quickly, efficiently, and reliably by hiring a commercial cleaning company that offers floor stripping and waxing services. This is a great way to restore the life in a facility’s floors and give them shine!

Windows, Blinds, and Curtains

Whether a business is in a climate with mild or harsh winters, the seasonal weather can take a toll on windows. Facilities that have a lot of windows can usually see the impact the weather has on them, often leaving a residue or film on the glass. Cleaning a building’s windows will allow more natural light and sun to come through, brightening entire rooms! It is important to clean both the inside and outside of all the windows in a commercial building for a spotless look. Once the windows are spic and span, be sure to clean the blinds or curtains! To save time, it may be best to hire a commercial cleaning service that specializes in drapery and blind cleaning. This will help enhance the overall appearance of the office.


If a business is leasing an office space, then landscaping is not something they have to worry about. However, for some businesses, the upkeep of the landscaping is their responsibility. A facility’s landscaping can have a huge impact on customers and clients perceive their business and a well-maintenance landscape can make an office or building look more appealing and welcoming. The winds and weather of winter can really take a toll on one’s landscaping and will generally require a lot of attention when the temperatures begin to rise. Businesses should consider laying fresh mulch, pulling weeds, trimming bushes, and planting new trees, flowers, and plants to enhance the look of their landscaping.


Did you know that kitchens are one of the filthiest areas in an office? This makes the company kitchen an essential area to add to a spring cleaning checklist. From germs and bacteria to food stains and questionable sticky areas, there are plenty of reasons to get scrubbing. The cleaning can start by going through the cabinets, checking the dates on dry and nonperishable or canned items that are expired. Once the cabinets have been sorted through, wipe down the countertops and other surfaces, making sure to eliminate crumbs, sticky messes, and germ-susceptible areas. Then move onto the refrigerator: home of many spills and smells. The springtime is a great time to give the fridge a deep clean. Be sure to remove any items past their expiration date that has not been claimed by an employee. Set a clean out period for the company and eliminate any remaining items. Communal items, such as coffee creamer, butter, or milk can stay in the fridge if they are still useable. Remove shelves and compartment drawers to wipe down with disinfecting wipes. You can always do the old fashioned baking soda trick to remove questionable odors from the fridge!


Carpeting is not the only thing that needs a deep, post-winter cleaning. The dirt, debris, and moisture that often makes its way inside during the winter are often transferred to the office furniture by customers, employees, and guests. If the furniture in an office is worn, smells, or is dirty, it may be worth hiring a commercial cleaning company that specializes in upholstery cleaning. There are plenty of benefits of commercial upholstery cleaning, many of which clients and guests will notice, such as improving the appearance and extending the life of the furniture.

HVAC Systems

As businesses transition from heating their facility to cooling it, it is always a good idea to ensure that their HVAC unit is running efficiently. The air conditioning has likely been turned off for months and may require cleaning. It is also important that facility managers ensure to identify any issues that could occur due to old equipment or deteriorating parts. It is also important to clean out vents and ducts to help eliminate dust. Some businesses may have PTAC units throughout their facility, and hiring a PTAC cleaning service can help the units operate more efficiently.

Pest Management

As the flowers and plants grow in the spring, so does the population of pests. Whether a facility has a problem with spiders, termites, mosquitos, or ants — one thing is for sure — they can be a real problem. The best way to prevent an infestation is by opting for pest management. A pest management company should be able to identify problem areas that attract certain pests in your area and spray the facility to help keep the pests out.

Clean Desks

Employees desks can quickly become cluttered. Not to mention, studies show that average desk houses over 10 million bacteria. Encourage them to join in the cleaning fun by scheduling a time for the employees to clean off their desks. This will give employees a chance to sort through papers and files, recycling the ones they do not need. Be sure they wipe down the desk surface, the keyboard and computer screens to remove bacteria, stains, and dust. A clean and organized desk will increase employee productivity while adding some positivity to the workplace.

Now is the time to start your spring cleaning routine. However, it is not only hard for businesses to find the time to clean their facility, many of the tasks are difficult or require professional knowledge, equipment, or products. That said, hiring a commercial cleaning company will not only save businesses time, it will also save them money and make their spring cleaning process easier as well. Some facilities and offices are large, and a commercial cleaning company can quickly and efficiently clean an office space. Commercial cleaning companies can make spring cleaning simple for businesses in a variety of industries.

At Classic Commercial Services, we help businesses every year with their spring cleaning routine. While snow may not be a factor in Florida, a good, deep cleaning can have plenty of benefits for a business. As one of the best commercial cleaning companies in Miami, we have the knowledge, experience, and equipment necessary to effectively clean and sanitize an office space or business. Whether your business needs floor stripping and waxing services, upholstery cleaning, drapery cleaning, or commercial carpet cleaning in Miami, you can trust the friendly team at Classic Commercial Services! We can even help your organization or business create an effective cleaning plan to rejuvenate your facility. To receive a free commercial cleaning quote, contact us today!