Atlanta – Handling of Carpet Stains

Classic Commercial knows carpets, and we have been in the hospitality cleaning industry since 1973, providing services to some of the biggest names in the Atlanta area hospitality industry. We are called on for maintenance, or interim, cleaning of carpets, restoration cleaning when a carpet needs to be brought back to a high level of clean, and emergency cleaning when an emergency has taken place and the carpets need immediate attention.  Interim cleaning is the periodic cleaning that is recommended to keep carpets their cleanest.

Handling of Carpet Stains

When considering carpets stains in a large-scale hospitality facility, be it a hotel or restaurant, there are two types of stains that you should be concerned with. The first of these is the long-term stain. This is a stain that you can find in a high traffic area and comes from high use. You’ll see these types of stains in hallways leading from the outside and in high-traffic areas, such as in front of an ice machine. The second type of staining  is an incident stain, from someone spilling something or from an emergency, like a toilet overflowing.

Classic Commercial Services offers solutions to both of these types of stains that even come with extra benefits.

Get it Clean

Restorative cleaning with Green Steam Clean™ Carpet Cleaning can surprise you by restoring even the dirtiest carpet to a reasonable clean standard. Customers are regularly, pleasantly surprised at the amazing difference that Green Steam Clean™ Carpet Cleaning can deliver.  Dry Encapsulation carpet cleaning is your second option for getting a carpet cleaning. The usual process is Green Steam Clean™ Carpet Cleaning for restorative carpet cleaning, for when the carpet needs to be brought into acceptable limits of clean.

Keep It Clean

Dry Encapsulation Carpet cleaning is great for interim cleaning and extends the time between restorative cleaning of carpets. Dry Encapsulation coats the fibers of the carpet with a special polymer that discourages grime and dirt attaching to carpet fibers.

No wicking! Recurring spill stains are a thing of the past

We’ve all been there. You’ve been called in about a stain, and it looks like a large glass of red wine was spilled on a the carpet of a hotel room and discovered only when the guest has checked out and the room was being cleaned. The carpet cleaning team is called in and the spot removed, or so you think. Unfortunately the wine soaked into the pad and while the the carpet was cleaned, the pad remained untouched, holding the crimson liquid deep in the floor. The carpet itself gets cleaned and the spot where the wine was blends into the rest of the carpet until you can no longer recall exactly where the wine spill was. You think you have the stain handled and your attention is called elsewhere.

But then, the carpet dries, and as it does so, it wicks the wine from the deeper layers of the carpet. The dry fibers act as a sponge and bring the settled wine back up into the upper fibers, and you are left with the return of a stain! Fighting the stain like this is the carpet cleaning equivilent of tilting at windmills. But with Dry Encapsulation Carpet cleaning, this battle against recurring stains can be a thing of the past.

Interim or restoration carpet cleaning that also stops wicking!  

Dry Encapsulation is considered interim cleaning, but because it also prevents new bonds of grime in your carpet,the need for restorative hot water extraction carpet cleaning is greatly reduced after using dry encapsulation cleaning. The wicking of stains can lead to an increased need for hot water extraction, but dry encapsulation carpet cleaning stops wicking. This dual action carpet cleaning captures the dirt and grime so it can be easily vacuumed away by maintenance cleaners and coats the carpet fibers with a special polymer that discourages grime and dirt from binding with the carpet, and so wicking doesn’t occur, keeping your carpet clean.
Restaurants and hotels alike can benefit from eradicating wicking stains from carpets.  Call today to find our more ways that Dry Encapsulation carpet cleaning is perfect for your hospitality facility!

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