South Florida – Fresh Air™ PTAC Cleaning Service

Classic Commercial Services is well-known throughout the Miami area hospitality industry as the go-to cleaners for floor cleaning, including carpet restoration and cleaning, and hard floor cleaning, such as tile and grout. We also do drapes and upholstery. One lesser-known service that we offer, but that is indispensable to the hospitality industry, is Fresh Air™ PTAC Cleaning Service. To learn more about this service, and why Classic Commercial Services is the company to call for it, keep reading.

What is Fresh Air™ PTAC Cleaning?

  • A PTAC is a Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner. This self-contained air conditioning unit found in every hotel room is your guest’s way of making sure they are in control of their in-room air comfort. Some people like cool air to sleep in, while others prefer it warm, but they all want air that is fresh smelling and that makes their lungs feel good.
  • Hotel and resort facility managers know that a complaint about the quality of the air in one room can put a dent in your occupancy, and in turn, your revenue stream. It is imperative that you keep all your rooms available and that you minimize down time.

Better Temperature Control

When you are running a luxury hotel or resort, you guests expect the best and they expect the air in their room to be comfortable. They need to feel that they are in control of the temperature in their rooms.  Nothing can turn a happy guest into a grumpy one like a room that won’t cool down when the guest adjusts the temperature controls. The compressor needs to be kept clean to get the best responsivity from the unit, and you can ensure a clean compressor by having Classic Commercial Services do the preventative maintenance.

Unit Efficiency and Longevity

Proper preventative maintenance of your PTAC unit can save energy costs by keeping your unit running as energy efficiently as possible. Proper maintenance using FreshAire™ coil cleaning can save 20 to 25 percent a year per unit on electricity. The lifetime of a unit can be extended from two years to seven  or even ten years. Extrapolated out to a 150 room property and you will end up with a savings from $7,500 to $15,000 a year!

Control Bacteria and Mold Growth

Regular maintenance of your PTAC unit will  ensure that the air quality in your hotel rooms is bacteria and mold free. In a humid climate, like we have here Miami, it is important to be proactive about mold and mildew. Because PTAC units bring in outside air, they have the potential to bring in air that has pollution and mold spores, and this can, in turn, lead to bacteria growing on the unit’s coils. CCS FreshAir™ PTAC Cleaning System’s preventative maintenance will keep your room air fresh and hygienic. The last thing you need is someone having an asthma attack in one of your rooms, or insisting on a room change when you are booked solid because the air in the room is not good.

Investment in Maintaining Good Exterior Condition

It’s important that your hotel looks good both inside and outside. When the lines of a PTAC unit are clogged with debris, they can leak or discolor the outside of the hotel. This is unsightly, of course, but the extra moisture can ruin stucco and wood.

Preventative Maintenance Delivers Return on Investment

Just like any mechanical unit, be it your HVAC, your car, or the PTAC unit in a hotel room, FreshAir™ PTAC cleaning services and preventative maintenance saves money in the long run. By keeping filters clean, the energy efficiency of the unit is increased and this savings more than pays for the service. Besides this, catching problems when they are small can save you from larger repair bills and can keep rooms in service and making money.

Keep your rooms smelling fresh and your guests happy with FreshAir™ PTAC cleaning services from Classic Commercial services. Call today to set up our services.

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