Benefits Of Hiring A Medical Cleaning Service

The medical and healthcare industries are crucial for protecting the health and well-being of millions of people each day. While medical professionals have a long list of top priorities, patient satisfaction is a priority that should not be overlooked. There are many ways that medical buildings and offices can positively influence patient satisfaction, however, providing patients with a clean and comfortable environment as they recover from an injury or illness is one of the best ways to ensure that they are satisfied.

When it comes to cleaning in the medical and healthcare industries, it is something that should not be taken lightly. In fact, medical cleaning must be performed within specific guidelines that have been set by leading healthcare industries, like the Center for Disease Control. To ensure medical buildings and offices are properly cleaned, it is best to hire a commercial cleaning service that specializes in medical office cleaning. When you hire a commercial cleaning company like Classic Commercial Services, you can assure that your medical office or healthcare facility is clean, sanitary, and within the guidelines set by the industry. There are plenty of benefits that come with hiring a commercial cleaning service for cleaning a medical office or healthcare building. Check out a few:

Consistent professional cleaning services

When it comes to commercial cleaning, many industries — including the medical industry — may think it is more cost-efficient to hire an in-house janitorial staff instead of outsourcing the work to a commercial cleaning company. Hiring a commercial cleaning service over an in-house janitorial staff has many benefits, however, with medical facilities specifically, cleaning requires a high level of experience and skill to ensure that the facility and medical equipment are sanitized and sterilized adequately. When medical facilities choose to hire an in-house janitorial staff, they will likely have to put the entire staff through training which can end up costing time and money. However, when medical facilities hire cleaning experts, like Classic Commercial Services, they are hiring a team of professionals that are already trained, certified, and experienced in cleaning and sterilizing your medical facility in compliance with industry standards.


The healthcare industry has many standards when it comes to the condition of medical office and healthcare facilities, and for good reason. These facilities care for many people, some in more serious situations than others, so it is essential they are in compliance with the standards. Hiring medical cleaning professionals, like Classic Commercial Services, will ensure that the facility is cleaned in conformity with the set standards. The cleaning experts at Classic Commercial Services have been IICRC trained and certified. Our team understands the regulatory standards set by major healthcare institutions, so when you hit CCS, you can rest assured that your medical or healthcare facility will be cleaned in conformity of the set standards and guidelines. When you hire medical cleaning professionals who follow these standards, the risk of costly damages and violations is reduced and will ensure that your facility features a healthy, clean, and sanitary environment for patients and staff.

Healthy and clean facility environment

In medical offices and healthcare facilities, quality cleaning and sanitization is essential. Both cleaning and sterilization of these facilities help reduce the spreading of infections or diseases among patients, staff, and visitors. For effective patient recovery, as well as to protect the health and well-being of staff and guests from contagious illnesses and diseases, these facilities have to provide a healthy and clean environment. And when facilities have a healthy staff, they are able to provide patients with more effective care, increasing the overall patient satisfaction. Many healthcare cleaning professionals, like Classic Commercial Services, have been trained on, and have experience in, preventing cross-contamination as well as the proper ways to disinfect and sterilize medical facilities and equipment.

Saves time

Hiring a professional cleaning service to handle medical office or facility cleaning allows staff to remain focused on patient care. Each staff member in the healthcare industry has an important duty, and mopping floors, sanitizing surfaces, and other janitorial tasks should not be included in their workdays. By letting a commercial cleaner handle the cleaning and sterilization process, staff members can focus on what is most important, the patients! Hiring a team like the one at Classic Commercial Services will allow your office or facility’s staff members to work effectively and efficiently, providing more care to patients and maximizing their time.


As we have mentioned before, patient satisfaction is one of the top priorities for medical facilities and professionals. By maintaining a clean and healthy environment, medical offices and facilities are likely to have higher patient satisfaction. When healthcare facilities and offices are sterilized and patients are satisfied, they are likely to draw in more patients — both new and existing — increasing profitability. Its highly unlikely that a patient will enter a doctor’s office, hospital, or other healthcare facilities if they look filthy and unsanitary. However, when facilities have a sterile and clean environment, their reputation as a quality healthcare provider will increase, which will end up bringing in more patients.

It is vital for medical offices and healthcare facilities to be consistent with the cleaning and sanitation as bacteria, germs, and viruses can be passed through each day. By hiring a commercial cleaning professional, healthcare offices and facilities can expect quality commercial cleaning services that will ensure a healthy and clean medical environment for patients, staff, and guests, conformity with all healthcare industry standards and regulations, and an increased reputation that can help bring in more patients.

Looking for medical cleaning services in Miami?

If you are in need of medical or healthcare cleaning services in Miami, there’s not a better commercial cleaning service that specializes in medical office and healthcare facility cleaning than Classic Commercial Services. For over 44 years, our team of commercial cleaners has been providing many industries, including the medical industry, with quality and professional commercial cleaning services. To learn more about our professional medical cleaning services, or to receive a free estimate, contact Classic Commercial Services today!