Benefits of Floor Stripping and Waxing For Businesses

When it comes to cleaning up the office, most business owners will not initially think of stripping and waxing the floors. However, although stripping and waxing floors sounds like it would be indecent, it really isn’t. In fact, floor waxing and stripping has a ton of benefits. Any commercial building’s flooring, whether a hotel, business office, or hospital can get dirty enough to need this commercial cleaning treatment. Having dirty and stained floors in a commercial building is an eyesore, one that visitors, clients, and customers will likely notice. Floor stripping and waxing is one of the best ways for businesses to remove floor stains and imperfections, making them look like new. If you are unsure if your business is in need of floor stripping and floor waxing services, check out some of the essential benefits that come with this commercial cleaning treatment.

Benefit #1: Maintains cleanliness

Of course, one of the most obvious reasons business owners choose to have their office, store, or other commercial building’s floors stripped and waxed is to give the flooring a fresh, clean, and new look. When we are at home, it’s no challenge to cut back on floor cleaning by taking proper precautions, like removing shoes and cleaning up spills immediately. Unfortunately, the flooring in businesses is much more difficult to maintain as they are larger and receive more traffic — plus, its not common to ask clients and customers to remove their shoes before stepping on the flooring. Customers will be more willing to enter your business if your floors are clean, too, and they are what is most important to your business! A floor stripping and waxing will keep your floors looking great and make them last longer, saving you from having to spend a fortune on floor replacement. Having this treatment done will remove all stains, wear and tear, dirt, and grime.

Benefit #2: Removes dust

Dust on floors can be dangerous. It causes the floor to become extremely slippery and it could make anyone slip and fall with the wrong step. After a stripping and waxing treatment is done by a professional, dust is unable to settle onto the flooring. And since dust is unable to collect and cluster up in the halls and individual areas of a commercial building, they will be much easier to clean.

Benefit #3: Eliminates moisture

When commercial building owners choose to have their floors stripped and waxed by a professional floor cleaning company, they are making a great choice that will help keep moisture off the flooring. Moisture and other forms of water can harm the floor. Water can leave annoying water stains on the flooring, lead to the formation of mold, and cause the flooring to darker and rot faster. It can cause your flooring to experience deformities, like warping and bubbling, too. Not to mention, floors with moisture and other forms of water on flooring can be dangerous and a hazard to anyone who steps foot on it.

Benefit #4: Protection from scratches

If your flooring experiences a lot of foot traffic, it is likely that it has developed some marks and scratches over time. These imperfections cause the flooring to look dull and worn out. When you have a worn out floor, you’ll have to consider replacing it, which again can get expensive. Instead, having your floor stripped and waxed regularly will help prevent any permanent scratches, marks, and other imperfections from forming.

Hire floor stripping and waxing professionals

When your commercial building needs floor stripping or waxing, you should find a professional commercial cleaning service that is experienced in the floor cleaning treatment. Professionals have the knowledge, experience, and equipment to quickly and efficiently take care of your stripping and waxing needs. Plus, the benefits that come from the treatment will surpass any costs that are involved.

If you are looking for a commercial cleaning service in Atlanta, or in any of our other locations, to perform floor stripping and floor waxing services for your commercial buildings flooring, contact Classic Commercial Services! To receive a free stripping and floor waxing estimate, or to receive information about our additional commercial cleaning services, contact one of our commercial cleaning professionals today!