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Water damage can come in many forms, but no matter what you are facing, Classic Commercial Services is the water restoration company to call. Whether your emergency occurs at 4 AM or 3 PM, the fact that you need immediate service doesn’t change. While your regular staff might not be available for emergencies, our staff is always on standby to come to your assistance. Our staff is highly trained to deal with water emergencies and biohazard and sewage cleanups too. We’ve been doing water restoration for 22 years and have developed experience and knowledge. We are the water restoration company to call for water damage emergencies of any size. You can call us 24/7, and we’ll respond.

While you are waiting for us to get there.

There are some steps you should take while you are waiting for us to arrive.

  1. Check for Hazards The last thing you need is a second emergency, such as someone getting an electric shock.  Cordon off the area and keep guests and customers well away from the area.
  2. Stop the Source!  Act quickly and turn off the water to the pipe, toilet, or other possible source. If it is stormwater, try to sandbag the entry way through which the water is coming.
  3. Call Classic Commercial Services – Once you have the water turned off, call us so we can get on the road immediately.  
  4. Protect Your Valuables – Act quickly to remove valuable pieces of furniture. Even if you think they may have already gotten wet, there is no need to have them standing in water, wicking up water into the fabric and loosening veneers. Safely remove electronics to protect them.

No Time to Waste in Water Damage Restoration and Mold Mitigation

The Miami climate is already humid, so it is very important that steps be taken immediately to reduce the chances of mold growing. Mold has the potential to make people very sick, and it’s the last thing you want in your hotel or restaurant. Besides making your employees and valuable clientele ill, your reputation will also be sullied by a mold problem. Mold can grow and spread in as little as 48 hours so there is no time to waste.  That’s the best reason to call us immediately. We bring our well trained staff who are experienced with these emergencies, so they can work quickly and efficiently. We will bring large scale dehumidifiers and blowers as the situation calls for them and any other equipment that your emergency requires.

The Aftermath

While the drywall plugs are blowing away, (our way of delivering dry air into the wall) and the dehumidifiers are humming away, collecting moisture from the air, we will turn our attention to the other things that need attention too. This other things include any carpet that is salvageable, affected furniture, and drapes. We will steam clean these items and get them back to being serviceable, depending on the level of damage of course.

Call today or anytime for immediate response for water emergencies.
When you need a top-tier commercial carpet cleaning company, turn to Classic Commercial and leave the staffing headaches to us! Call today for a quote.

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