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At Classic Commercial Services, our team of certified cleaning technicians specializes in providing professional grade carpet cleaning to major commercial clients throughout the Atlanta area. We strive to maintain our reputation as one of the best commercial carpet cleaners in Atlanta that businesses can hire. Our commercial cleaning company serves a variety of industries, including hospitality, retail, educational, and medical. Using a comprehensive approach that incorporates years of professional experience, professional carpet cleaning equipment, advanced industry technology, and innovative carpet cleaning products, our commercial cleaners can remove dirt, stains, chemicals, pollen, and bacteria that is embedded deep in your carpeting.

The importance of commercial carpet cleaning in Atlanta

Carpet, despite being a common flooring option in retail and business environments particularly, requires more upkeep than what most business owners tend to think, making it an easy piece to overlook. Heavy foot traffic, funky odors, and questionable stains are something that many commercial carpets have in common when they are not regularly cleaned. According to the IICRC, commercial carpeting should be cleaned at least once a year, but businesses that experience heavy foot traffic may want to have their carpeting professionally cleaned every month to every six months in order to maintain a clean and professional look.

The benefits of commercial carpet cleaning for businesses

As mentioned, the importance of commercial carpet cleaning is often overlooked. Filthy carpeting has a larger impact on businesses and their employees than what most people realize. When it comes carpeting, business owners shouldn’t only consider how it can affect the appearance, but how it can affect the health and well-being of their employees and customers, too. At Classic Commercial Services, our commercial carpet cleaning methods are designed to keep commercial carpeting in great shape while improving the appearance and preventing it from looking filthier, more worn, or older than it actually is. Check out some of the main benefits of having your carpet professionally cleaned by Classic Commercial Services.

Positive first impressions

One of the first things customers and clients notice about a business is its appearance and cleanliness. In fact, customers are much more likely to enter a business that is clean compared to one that is filthy. If customers walk into your place of business and are immediately greeted with carpet stains or a foul odor, they are much more inclined to choose to do business elsewhere. When a business invests in professional carpet cleaning services, their establishment is better enabled to make a positive and lasting impression on their customers. Clean carpeting, in turn, makes visiting a business of any kind more welcoming and approachable.

Less damage to carpets

When carpet is dirty, it likely holds fine abrasive particles that can actually damage its fibers over time, increasing the amount of wear and tear. When you have a professional commercial cleaner care for your carpeting on a consistent basis, the carpeting will not only look cleaner, but it will last much longer, too. Thorough and professional carpet cleaning can make carpets appear as if they were new. The more carpets are worn down, the more dirt they likely hold inside of them. When carpets contain dirt and debris, it can often affect the air quality of a business, making it an unhealthy environment for employees and customers.

Improved air quality

Speaking of air quality, professional carpet cleaning is an effective way to improve the air quality of a business. As mentioned above, when carpets contain dirt and debris, they can negatively affect the air quality. Over time, dust, dirt, and debris will find a way into the fibers of your carpet. Walking, moving furniture, or even vacuuming across the carpet can cause the dirt and debris to break into microscopic particles and contaminate the air. When debris breaks loose into the air, it can trigger allergies, respiratory issues, and questionable aromas. Professional carpet cleaners use effective equipment and methods to give carpeting the best, deep cleaning that is available. By digging deep into carpet fibers, commercial carpet cleaners can effectively remove dirt, dust, and debris from carpeting for cleaner and healthier air than before.

Healthier employees

Just as having dirty carpeting can trigger allergies and respiratory problems, they can also make people sick. This raises a concern for employees that work in a workplace that has dirty carpeting. Because carpeting can also trap dust and bacteria, employees are more likely to become sick, as it can encourage colds, headaches, and even fevers. With dust mites, debris, and allergens constantly getting embedded deep into carpeting, hiring a professional cleaning company is a way that business owners can ensure their work environment is healthier for themselves, their employees, and their customers.

Saves money

Many businesses do not realize that it is often cost effective to hire a professional carpet cleaning company. Companies who try to purchase their own carpet cleaning products and equipment will likely end up spending more money overall than what it would cost to hire a commercial cleaner, like Classic Commercial Services. Plus, when businesses pay for their own in-house janitorial services, the cost of paying regular wages for employees is generally significantly higher than the fee it would cost for a professional to do the job. The more money the company saves, like on carpet cleaning services, the fewer overhead expenses a company will have.

Professional-grade cleaning

Some companies, especially smaller or independently owned companies, find it more cost-effective to have their employees handle the complex task of carpet cleaning. While this might save a few dollars, inexperience and the improper use of carpet cleaning products can end up costing businesses a lot of money. Every style and type of carpeting requires specific cleaning instructions, like the use of specific chemicals and water temperatures — information that only a trained, certified, and experienced carpet cleaning technician would know. Not possessing the knowledge to carry out proper carpet cleaning can lead to torn and damaged carpeting. Not to mention, employees inexperienced in carpet cleaning are much more likely to damage carpeting than someone who knows what they are doing. Hiring a professional carpet cleaner not only makes the carpet cleaning process more efficient, effective, and affordable, but business owners will also be pleased with their noticeably cleaner and fresher carpeting.

Why choose CCS for carpet cleaning in Atlanta

Choosing the right commercial carpet cleaning company for your business is an important decision. At Classic Commercial Services, we are committed to helping businesses and commercial properties make the right first impression. Since CCS started in 1973, our commercial cleaning company has been providing multiple major cities across the nation with the highest quality services to ensure that our customer’s commercial facilities are as clean and tidy as possible. At CCS, it is our goal to provide businesses with the most reliable and reputable Atlanta commercial carpet cleaning services. Here are a few reasons why CCS is able to achieve that goal:

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Our goal is to consistently offer the highest quality services and experience available in the industry. At Classic Commercial Services, we stand behind our work, and we are proud to offer our commercial clients our 100-percent satisfaction guarantee for our commercial carpet cleaning services. If our customers are unsatisfied with any part of our Atlanta carpet cleaning service, we will work hard to quickly correct the situation.


Classic Commercial Services is highly committed to protecting the environment and transforming the commercial cleaning industry by endorsing the use of environmentally responsible carpet cleaning products and services. Our eco-friendly carpet cleaning products and energy-efficient practices are not only safer for you and your business, but the environment, too. Our eco-friendly method breaks up the dirt, debris, and stains in carpeting, making it easier to eliminate them and making it possible for the carpet to appear like new. Here are some simple ways we carry out eco-friendly practices each day:

  • Paperless billing and mailing
  • Fuel efficient and lower-emission cleaning equipment
  • Recycled materials
  • Eco-friendly cleaning products

IICRC trained and certified technicians

Classic Commercial Services is a certified firm for the Institution of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC). All of our commercial cleaning technicians are IICRC trained and certified, too so that they can efficiently use state-of-the-art carpet cleaning equipment, products, and methods that are in line with industry-set standards. In addition, our trained professionals participate in ongoing education to further develop and learn skills and industry-specific techniques. Our certification is a representation of our team’s dedication to the highest ethics in the industry by following standard protocol on all of our commercial cleaning services, including commercial carpet cleaning.


Our company’s reputation is second to none. We take pride in building relationships with our clients, which is why many of the area’s best medical, educational, and retail businesses trust us with their carpet cleaning needs and refer our business to others. In addition, many carpet cleaning companies in Atlanta that are unable to perform large commercial cleaning projects are quick to refer our team of experienced cleaning technicians.

Charitable Company

Classic Commercial Services values giving back to the community, which is why we created the Classic Cares Foundation™. This foundation receives a portion of every single invoice that is generated by CCS throughout all of our locations, donating it all to a local charity. Since 2012 our foundation has donated well over $62,000!


Delegating carpet cleaning duties to employees or inexperienced janitorial services in Atlanta can end up being costly. However, by choosing Classic Commercial Services for carpet cleaning in Atlanta, you can experience consistently affordable carpet cleaning services. We also offer free commercial carpet cleaning quotes for our clients, to ensure there are no surprises during the cleaning process.


Our commercial carpet cleaning systems are proven to be effective at removing soil and stains without causing any damage to the carpeting’s fine fabrics. With our advanced systems, equipment, and technology, we can quickly and thoroughly clean commercial carpeting.

When you turn to Classic Commercial Services for commercial carpet cleaning, you can rest assured that your business will be in good hands. We carefully take the time to understand each of our client’s needs and expectations. Rather than just carelessly cleaning carpets — like some of our competitors do — we follow a results-oriented, preventative approach to ensure a clean and professional-looking final result.

CCS commercial carpet cleaning services

Classic Commercial Services specializes in restorative commercial carpet cleaning services. No matter what style or type your business’s carpeting is, we can clean it. Our team is equipped to clean all types of common commercial carpeting, like wool, nylon, polypropylene, polyester, and acrylic. Our team of highly trained and certified technicians possess the proper knowledge, state-of-the-art equipment, and products, as well carpet cleaning methods that are within industry-set standards and guidelines. We offer two types of commercial carpet cleaning methods, both of which will effectively eliminate dirt, pollen, bacteria, chemicals, and other debris from your carpeting.

Steam Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Our steam commercial carpet cleaning method utilizes water that is heated to high temperatures and then applied to the carpet, allowing for penetration to effectively break up and eliminate dirt, dust, debris, and stains. By using steam, pressure, and extraction, our cleaning specialists can thoroughly clean a businesses carpeting with a stunning finished result. With steam carpet cleaning from Classic Commercial Services, businesses can rest assured that any dirt, allergens, bacteria, and stains will be removed, creating carpeting that is more sanitary and easier to clean and maintain.

Dry Commercial Carpet Cleaning

If steam carpet cleaning is not the best choice for your business’s carpet cleaning needs, dry carpet cleaning is another effective way to thoroughly clean carpeting. At CCS, our dry carpet cleaning method requires little to no moisture application on carpeting, instead using encapsulation cleaning technology. Our dry carpet cleaning is ideal for business that have longer hours of operation or are open 24/7, like hotels, restaurants, casinos, airports, and more. With dry carpet cleaning, business owners do not have to wait for their carpet to dry, making it a convenient and fast option for commercial carpet cleaning.

Classic Commercial Services is committed to being the best commercial carpet cleaning company in Atlanta, Georgia. With our highly trained, certified, and experienced carpet cleaning professionals on the job, you can rest assured that your business’s carpet will look its best while experiencing the many benefits of having the job done by experts.

When you need commercial carpet cleaning in Atlanta, contact the reliable commercial cleaning company that is trusted by a variety of businesses throughout the area, Classic Commercial Services. To learn more about our Atlanta commercial cleaning services or to receive a free carpet cleaning estimate, contact us today.


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